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What is VAST?
VIPER Assessment Security Tools Linux security distribution

VAST is a Linux-based security distribution specifically designed for pentesting VoIP and UC networks. It enables security professionals and UC administrators to rapidly perform VoIP security assessments and enumerate vulnerabilities in IP Phones or IP PBX servers in a lab environment. With VAST, a security consultant has every tool necessary to carry out a successful onsite or remote penetration test or vulnerability assessment against a UC network. VAST is built on Mint Linux 13 and includes all of the open source VIPER Lab tools, in addition to some other network pentest tools.

VAST can be downloaded in .ISO format and VMWare guest image.


August 23, 2012:

Both the VmWare image and the ISO are up now. Thank you for your patience.

August 9, 2012:

A new version of VAST is currently being uploaded. Later today the ISO will be completed and by 8/10/2012 the VMWare image will be uploaded. This version of VAST is based on Mint Linux.

May 19, 2011:

We are currently working on building a new version of VAST with updated UCSniff and Video libraries, based on the latest stable version of Ubuntu. We have temporarily disabled the repositories until this is done.

August 17, 2010:
VAST Live Distro beta 2.77 Released!

Version 2.77 now includes Artemisa, a VoIP Honeypot.

From Artemisa: "Artemisa is a VoIP/SIP-specific honeypot software designed to connect to a VoIP enterprise domain as a user-agent back end in order to detect malicious activity at an early stage. Moreover, the honeypot can play a role in the real-time adjustment of the security policies of the enterprise domain where it is deployed."

July 23, 2010:
VAST VM Image now available

username:vast password:vast

July 19, 2010:
VAST Live Distro beta 2.76 Released!

The newest version of VAST is available for download!

Added a few new tools such as gnu-macchanger and the newest release of SIPVicious tools (0.2.6)

May 4, 2010:
VAST Live Distro beta 2.75 Released!

The newest version of VAST is available for download!

October 30, 2009:
VAST Live Distro beta 2.74

VAST is a VIPER Lab live distribution that contains VIPER developed tools such as UCSniff, VideoJak, videosnarf and more. Along with VIPER tools and other essential VoIP security tools, it also contains tools penetration testers utilize such as Metasploit, Nmap, and Hydra.This distribution is a work in progress. If you would like to see a tool or package included please feel free to suggest them and I will do what I can to make it happen. VAST also has built into synaptic package manager a third party repository link for the VIPER tools, so when we update a tool it's as easy as "apt-get".VAST beta 2.74 has been released with UCSniff 3.0 which includes GUI interface, VoIP video realtime monitoring, TFTP MitM modification of IP phone features, Gratuitous ARP disablement bypass support, and support for several compression codecs. The new VAST also has a new look as well.

contact: Avaya VIPER lab